Many colleagues across the University will have been involved in one way or another with some of the development projects that have been undertaken this year to improve the student experience.  Members of the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee recently spent an afternoon with the leaders of these projects reviewing progress.  The projects (see below) are at different stages of development – some have completed and make clear recommendations, whilst some are just getting off the ground.

The projects broadly deal with two themes:

1    Transitions, retention, progression and student success

Improving student retention: new University protocols for monitoring student engagement
Guidance for student module choice: improving the information students require to make good module choices
Supporting transition for direct entry students: identification of issues and good practice examples from across the University
Inclusive practice: showcasing the work that has been undertaken to develop resources to support staff in putting inclusive learning, teaching and assessment in place, and raising questions about institutional strategy on inclusion

2    Developing staff and student capabilities

Learner Journeys: Library Services project looking at staff expectations regarding student skills at levels 4, 5 and 6, with particular reference to expectations and assumptions regarding student independence
Developing Personal Academic Tutoring: pilot implementation of the model of PAT and WiP (Working in Partnership) initiative from BA Primary Education with 14 courses next academic year
Research inspired teaching: what does this mean in practice for staff and for students and how can we strengthen this aspect of student learning – project recommendations
Course Leader’s Project: outcomes of second year of implementation of project developing support for those who take on course leader roles
Digital capabilities: essential skills for student employability – piloting an approach that helps course teams to identify how they can develop student digital capabilities.

A further project on learning spaces has started with a survey of staff experiences and views on learning spaces and use of technologies.