Share and Inspire Seminars Semester 1 2017/18

Share and inspire seminars for the autumn term are aimed at generating discussion and sharing practice in relation to issues of academic practice that we know are challenging to colleagues.

Creating effective learning environments and classroom civility: we know that managing student behaviour in the classroom can be challenging, and is a concern to staff and students alike when learning is ‘disrupted’.  This session and the follow-up opportunities will explore solutions.

Developing student’s academic and study skills is central to the higher education experience, but what assumptions do course teams make about the skills students have at the start of their course, and are there effective and innovative ways to support development, working with Library Services?  This session will showcase examples of practice.

Research inspired teaching and employability are key considerations for any undergraduate or postgraduate curriculum – but how can they be related to provide effective learning?  This session will explore examples and identify ways in which students can develop employability through developing research sills and understanding.

Further details below.  Please book through the University Staff Development pages.


Subject Date and time
Changing behaviour: Creating effective learning environments and classroom civility


Civility: Formal politeness and courtesy in behaviour.


This Share and Inspire workshop aims to provide a solution focused and interactive session exploring how we move towards effective learning environments and classroom civility in the context of Higher Education.  It offers a variety of examples of pro-active and reactive strategies that have proven successful for presenting colleagues; draws upon research and literature in the field; and invites you to critically reflect upon your own practice and role in creating an effective learning environment and classroom civility.  Future opportunities will be available to follow-up with peer-supported clinics and reciprocal review of practice.  The workshop will begin with reflection over lunch at 1.30pm.


Tues 17th October 2017

lunch 1.30 pm and session start, ends 4.15 pm

Mapping the Learner Journey


This Share & Inspire session will share the results of research into the student learner journey, in which staff were interviewed about their experiences and expectations of students’ skill development throughout their degree programmes.  This session will help course teams think about their curricula, and how students are supported to develop a range of study skills, sharing examples of good practice, exploring some issues and challenges presented by the data, and offering an opportunity to discuss how these findings can be taken forwards.  It will also showcase some of the developments Library Services are making in response to these findings to support curricula and develop the student experience.


Thursday 8 November 2017

12.30 pm to 2.00 pm

Research Inspired Teaching 


An exploration of ways of enriched student learning and enhancing their employability skills by engaging them with the challenges and excitement of research.


Monday 4 December 2017

12.30 pm to 2.00 pm


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